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Virtual Coaching Academy Course 3- Head Coach


Virtual Coaching Academy Course 3- Head Coach Virtual Coaching Academy Course 3- Head Coach Virtual Coaching Academy Course 3- Head Coach Virtual Coaching Academy Course 3- Head Coach
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Virtual Coaching Academy

The John R. Wooden Course  Virtual Coaching Academy is an interactive, on-line experience that will challenge you, change you, inspire you, and prepare you to be everything you know you can be, not just for what it can do for you, but what you know it can help you do for others.

Four Course Series

Course 3: Head Coach

This is the third course in a four-part series that presents a comprehensive curricula on the values, life lessons, principles, coaching model and wisdom of legendary teacher, coach, philosopher, author, and leader UCLA Icon Coach John  Wooden.

Successfully completing this Head Coach course means you will learn, understand and be able to apply: first for yourself and then for others:

  • The earliest lessons that shaped John Wooden as a person and coach and who the people were that provided a lifetime of influence
  • 9 core ideas that defined John Wooden's coaching philosophy  and coaching fundamentals
  • The 5 fundamental set of actions that defined the Wooden Coaching model and represented Wooden strengths
  • 9 powerful and very effective Wooden teaching techniques
  • A unique Wooden definition of leadership and 10 key elements of transformational leadership
  • Teachable points of view on trust,and service
  • Four types of mentors you need and can be as a great coach pursuing greatness and goodness

This course includes:

  • An Individual Success Assessment
    • This is an on-line 7-10 minute, highly revealing analysis of your personal and professional behavior based on the 25 behaviors on Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success.
  • A complete 30 Day Playbook full of insight and self application exercises.
  • A downloadable 49 page Coaching Guide with all your Head Coach course content.
  • Copy of Coach Em Way Up-personally signed by Lynn Guerin
  • Wooden 52 weekly coaching lessons
  • PowerPoint reference slides and supporting video
  • Summary mastery quiz

The course is 6 hours in length and can be taken individually or in a small group. It is taught by the founder and creator of The John R Wooden Course - Lynn Guerin who worked with and was mentored by Coach Wooden for 15 years. Lynn is the co-author with his partner Jason Lavin of the new book Coach 'Em Way Up, 5 Lessons for Leading The John Wooden Way.

The complete learning and development package is $595.00.


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“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John R. Wooden