John Wooden's Coaching Course - Foundations and Fundamentals

John Wooden Course


Foundations and Fundamentals - The first course in a four-part series.

Learn the core values-life shaping elements and the foundational principles that provided the strength of character, wisdom and guidance for a lifetime of achievement.

This course enables you to pursue and develop healthy habits based on strong foundations and the proper fundamentals that will produce a life of meaning, purpose and true success.

The Foundations and Fundamentals Course elements include:

32 page self-development guide and series binder
5 Pyramid of Success Laminates ( 8.5x11 full color)
5 Character Cards( 3.5 x 2 full color)
40 minute Coach Wooden Pyramid of Success DVD
52 week Wooden Wisdom-e coaching newsletter

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John R. Wooden