John Wooden's Coaching Course - Head Coach-Self Study

John Wooden Course


Head Coach - The third course in a four-part series.

Learn who first influenced John Wooden and how their influence shaped him as a coach; the core ideas that defined Wooden’s coaching fundamentals; the five key elements of the Wooden Coaching Model; how Coach Wooden defined and practiced leadership; why having four types of mentors and being a mentor is vital to being a great coach.

The Head Coach Course elements include:

-48 page Coaching Guide
- 2  Pyramid of Success Laminates( 8.5 x 11, full color)
- 2 Team Laminates ( 8.5 X 11,full color)
-3 Character Cards( 3.5 x 2, full color)

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John R. Wooden