Author Signed Copy of Coach 'em Way Up: 5 Lessons for Leading the John Wooden Way

Author Signed Copy of Coach 'em Way Up: 5 Lessons for Leading the John Wooden Way

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All Great Coaches Are Good Leaders But Not All Good Leaders Are Great Coaches.

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Coach 'Em Way Up teaches readers to exhibit their best thinking, set a great example, assess how you teach, lead with confidence, and mentor others to put them on a path to lasting competitive greatness while becoming great people, too. Based on the teachings of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, readers get effective leadership strategies for creating a culture of excellence in today's modern workplace. Simply put, Coach 'Em Way Up does for readers what John Wooden did for decades:

-guide you to achieve true success

-challenge you to reach extraordinary levels of performance

-prepare you to coach yourself and others to be the very best

-inspire you to pursue not just greatness but also goodness.

Make John Wooden a coach and mentor for your future. Allow him to coach you to coach yourself, your team, and business up--all the way up.

Here is what readers are saying about Coach Em Way Up 

Even though I am originally from the United Kingdom I have known the name John Wooden and have been aware of his teachings for over a decade now. Having said that, my awareness was always from the outside and I never explored it….until now.

Lynn Guerin and Jason Lavins’ book about Coach Wooden’s philosophy and teachings was a personal revelation to me. From his iconic Pyramid of Success to his multiple life lessons. Let me also state that I do not know that much about sport’s but let me emphasize that this book, for me is more about how to conduct your life successfully and with dignity both at home and at work. Coach’s lessons, his passions and his faith lend itself to acute self-examination and assessment. As written by Lynn and Jason anyone that picks this book up and takes the time to do the worksheets will discover much that can help them on this plane of existence. I work as an Executive Producer for major events, and I was about to go into one of the highest pressure and craziest shows that I had ever worked on. Reading this book made me look at my work in a different way. Whereas I am always known in the business as calm and confident, that is often only on the outside and my insides are often a shambles. As I had just read the book prior to the show I was able to enter this event with a whole new attitude and was able to navigate all the craziness that these events contain with an inner confidence and calmness that I had not been able to do before. There are too many specific lessons and quotes to pick the most meaningful for me, and I do believe that through the worksheets readers will be able to apply Coach’s teachings to their own particular situations, which in its self is what makes this book unique. Let the principles (and the Pyramid) guide you to a better, more successful, and more peaceful future. Thank you so much for this wonderful book! Robert Kalfin-Executive  Producer
  • "Lynn Guerin and Jason Lavin's book is a great read for people who seek to improve their lives and careers. Leaders at work and home will benefit from the wealth of material included in the book. As a retired Chief Deputy US Marshal, I utilized the lessons in the book for our entire leadership team. The book inspires people to give their best each day. I was fortunate to apply the material from the book and use the 5 lessons of leading to challenge and encourage our US Marshal team to continue the tradition of teaching and coaching the Wooden Way. "Coach Em Way Up" is instantly readable, applicable and a great resource. Outstanding Job Lynn and Jason."-M Peerson
  • Sound primer on how to put the life principles of Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success into practice in your own life to become your own "coach". Wooden spent decades identifying the characteristics and traits that help define a successful person and this book helps simplify his seminal and profound work for anyone looking to become the best version of themselves today. Written by authors who had first hand, personal experience with Wooden himself. The book is written with a selfless mission of serving and helping readers find success, meaning and happiness using Coach Wooden's remarkable insights into human psychology and philosophy.- Trevor Mottle
  • Like many of you I have read countless books on leadership and success. I have never encountered a book so complete and detailed in the thought process. Coach John Wooden arguably the greatest coach ever spent 14 years developing his pyramid of success. He spent countless hours understanding leadership as a teacher, mentor, speaker, , motivator, friend, coach and more. The book has worksheets to work through your thought process and your behavior so that you can be what you were created to be and meet your potential. This is a book I could not put down, and one I will be referring to over and over again. Jay Iszo

    “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John R. Wooden