John R. Wooden Course Coaching Academy

Postponed - Stay tuned for future (virtual) Coaching Academy


Postponed - Stay tuned for future (virtual) Coaching Academy Postponed - Stay tuned for future (virtual) Coaching Academy Postponed - Stay tuned for future (virtual) Coaching Academy Postponed - Stay tuned for future (virtual) Coaching Academy

Join Us for the John R. Wooden Course
Coaching Academy

The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Academy experience is a three day experience that will challenge you, change you, inspire you, and prepare you to be everything you know you can be, not just for what it can do for you, but what you know it can help you do for others.

Coach Wooden’s life proved this is where you will find your true purpose, genuine joy and sweet peace of mind – true success. The John R. Wooden Course teaches, models and helps you apply the Coaching Fundamentals that John Wooden mastered.

See what becomes possible as you:

  • Improve the quality of your thinking
  • Increase your credibility, and influence with the example you set
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your teaching and the skills that result
  • Take your leadership to a whole new level of respect
  • Become the mentor everyone seeks out and wants to be

Learn and apply these fundamentals:

  • 10 Key Components of a Coaching Philosophy
  • 5 Fundamental Coaching Behaviors
  • 8 Descriptors of a High Character Coach
  • 9 Powerful Teaching Techniques
  • 9 Critical Leadership Elements


John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

At the center of The John R. Wooden Course and Wooden’s Coaching Fundamentals is perhaps the greatest contribution Coach John Wooden left behind his renowned “Pyramid of Success.”

His 14 years of development work produced a powerful, insightful and effective blueprint. He precisely defined 25 behavioral characteristics for achieving personal and team success.

He designed, defined and tested a complete model. He combined uncommon insight with common sense and captured both brilliantly on one page. He put the Pyramid of Success to the test, over seven decades with thousands of people, across all walks of life in both professional and personal pursuits.

The results speak for themselves and the cumulative impact will stand the test of time.

The Pyramid of Success

John R. Wooden Course Three-Day Coaching Academy

In your three-day development experience, you will:

  • Transform your thinking
  • Refine your coaching
  • Recharge your day to day energy and behavior
  • Become equipped to employ a very robust set of tools, implementation strategy and program delivery methodology.

This Wooden Way prescription for professional coaching includes:

  • On-line Personal Success Assessments
  • Three different Coaching Skills Workshops
    • The Pyramid of Success
    • Head Coach
    • Extraordinary Teams

Your experience also includes:

  • Wooden’s Wisdom –A one year subscription to a six-year e-coaching newsletter creates performance and culture improvement sustainment with Coach Wooden video clips, application exercises, favorite poems and quotes.
  • Custom tools like Coaching Guides and Teachers Tool Kits, Pyramid and Team personal laminates, wallet size Character Cards and more.
  • A video clip library of John Wooden teaching, coaching, reciting poetry, answering thought provoking questions and being celebrated.

Each participant will also receive:

  • The John R. Wooden Course Success Series
  • Pyramid of Success Wall display
  • Individual Success Assessment 

Event Details


We recommend the Luskin Conference Center. Or calling 855-522-8252 to make a reservation.

Program Cost

Total academy fee is at $1,595.


Breakfast and lunch for all team members will be provided each day at the conference center and is included in the enrollment fee.

Dinner is on your own Monday and Tuesday. The John R. Wooden Course will host a team dinner Wednesday evening at The Valley Inn - a John Wooden favorite in Sherman Oaks, approx. 30 minutes from the Luskin Center.


Each team member is responsible for their own transportation to and from airports and to the hotel. Hotel check-in will begin at 3 pm on Sunday, June 7th. Check out is at noon on June 10th or 11th, depending on your reservation.

Flights out of departure locations should be booked Thursday or Friday to enjoy the complete experience.


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“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John R. Wooden