John R. Wooden Course Pyramid of Success Team fathead wall poster

The John R. Wooden Course Pyramid Of Success - Team Fathead Wall Graphic

The John R. Wooden Course Products


Don't just entertain and decorate-build character and educate!

These precision cut, 36inch x 36inch, all vinyl, with adhesive backing, easily put up and easily removed displays are available in full color. They are also available in English or Spanish.

Don't just put sports figures, cartoon characters, music idols and movie heroes on the wall.

Help build day-to-day good behavior and strong character by teaching the lifelong wisdom of a True Hero, America's greatest coach and teacher, UCLA legend Coach John Wooden.

The Pyramid of Success Fathead® Wall Graphics provide a clear, concise, consistent day to day reminder of the "model behavior" that creates both strong character and a path to true success in school, sports, work and life.

In addition to The Pyramid of Success and Coach Wooden's enlightened, personal definition of success, the displays also teach 3 of Coach Wooden's most powerful and memorable quotes:

- On our full color display, Coach addresses the importance of character, where happiness begins, and the value of today.

- On our black and white display, Coach shares the importance of always being prepared, how big things are accomplished, and the importance of taking the time to do things right the first time.

Put these eye catching, attention grabbing, wisdom teaching tools in the home, classroom, locker room, or office. Invest in character development, model behavior and a straighter path to lasting success.

Customize The John R. Wooden Course Pyramid of Success Fathead® Wall Graphic.
Use your corporate brand design and colors, your school colors or team colors.
Insert your logo. Pick your 3 favorite Coach Wooden quotes from over 150 of his favorites.

We will provide graphic art and design.
You will give final approval to proceed to production.

Spanish Available
Contact Lynn Guerin or call 714 505-7500

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John R. Wooden